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XTEND - “How to generate conversations with your ideal prospects in 7 days using LinkedIn”

Michelle Veasey, Lead Generation & Conversion Funnels Expert

If you are a business owner or responsible for generating sales, this session will help you understand the untapped potential of LinkedIn.

In this session we will cover:

• The importance of understanding your perfect customer, and how to find them on LinkedIn (including a free PDF workbook)

• A free tool to search for your ideal prospects on LinkedIn and a live demo of Sales Navigator.

• What is a ‘Lead Magnet’ and why you need one… including a brief introduction to Canva a free design tool.

• How to easily optimise your profile to speak to the needs of your perfect prospects.

• Best tips for connecting with people.

• A live demo of the safest automation tool for those who want to put it on autopilot.

• My best 10 tips for LinkedIn.

More information available here: https://www.theexecutivenetwork.org.uk/