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Scottish Enterprise:  FIVE STEPS TO LEAN IN A COVID-19 WORLD As the impact of COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty in the workplace, this webinar will provide an overview of how to introduce and maintain continuous improvement techniques with physical distancing, to help you continue to operate effectively, efficiently and safely.

By applying ‘common sense thinking’ the five steps to Lean will help you stay focused on continuous improvement in your workplace despite the disruptions:

1.  Identification – identify opportunities only – don’t jump to solution mode
2.  Classification – which waste do they represent – TIM WOODS
3.  Prioritisation – what will have the biggest impact and easiest to implement?  Biggest bang for the buck
4.  Action – What.  Where.  How.  Who.  When?
5.  Confirmation – did the Action have the desired impact?

This 90 minute webinar will be led by SMAS Practitioners, Gerry Borge and John Johnston and time will be built in for Q&A.
The end goal for participants will be to leave with an awareness of what Lean is and when to use it, tools and techniques and some ideas for practical application in their own working situation.  
The webinar is aimed at the manufacturing sector, but the learning will apply to any business needing to improve its processes to become more efficient.