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Scottish Enterprise: FINANCIAL READINESS WEBINAR Are you a start-up company about to embark on your first fundraising campaign? Or you are considering your next move should it be debt or equity to fund it? How do you get Funder ready? Need advice on Bank funding available and any COVID-19 funding questions?

We will touch on all these subjects during the webinar.

Please join us for an interactive session where will have guest panellists give a brief overview of funding available and then the opportunity for you to ask questions.

Agenda - 28th October – 3-5pm

15:00 Gary Torbett – Introduction

15:10 Equity – David Milroy, Maven Capital Partners LLP

15:15 SIB Funds/services – Gary Torbett, SIB

15:20 Corporate Finance ‘How to get Funder ready’ – Ian McDonald, MHA Henderson Loggie

15:25 Bank Funding – Craig Pollock, Bank Of Scotland

15:30 Q & A

16:00 Close