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LCCI: Digital Transformation for SMEs
Do you feel technology can help you achieve your goals? Whether it’s improved customer satisfaction, ease of purchase or improved communication within your business, digital transformation can help you in all areas.
This session, run by Goldstar IT, will provide you with the knowledge and tools to start leveraging technology to transform your business. You will learn why technology is important and how you can start digitally transforming your business now.  The session will cover:
  • Explaining what digital transformation really means and why it’s such an important part of your business strategy now more than ever
  • Decrypt the technical jargon that is often used
  • Explore the benefits of digitally transforming your business; including some example of success stories!
  • How to identify areas of your business that can be transformed
  • Tips on steering clear of the common mistakes when making technology decisions
  • Next steps for your business