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Scottish Enterprise:  RENEWABLE ENERGY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA Blessed with abundant wind, solar, hydro and marine energy resources, the 10 nations of Southeast Asia have committed to generating 23% of their primary energy from renewable sources by 2025, as energy demand is forecast to rise by 50% over the same period. This represents a significant opportunity for Scottish developers and supply chain companies looking to expand their technologies and services to this fast growing region of 650 million people.

To support these ambitions, SDI has been working closely with our GlobalScot network, UK Government and industry stakeholders to better understand the regulatory and operating landscape, build relationships with local partners, and explore all available financing options. On 30 October, we are delighted to invite our Manila-based GlobalScot Robert MacGregor, Executive Director of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, and Mason Wallick, Managing Director of the Singapore-regulated Clime Capital, to share their outlook for renewable energy development in Southeast Asia. In particular, Mason will introduce his company’s Southeast Asia Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF), a new climate fund backed by philanthropic donors that is seeking to mobilise $2.5 billion for clean energy projects across the region, focusing initially on Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.