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Scottish Enterprise: HOW TO SELL PREMIUM SEAFOOD PRODUCTS TO CHINA MARKET The seafood sector is hit hard in terms of export during COVID-19 and we have seen rapidly changing consumer behaviours in China as the country is recovering from the pandemic now. We'll be joined by speakers from both the Imported Food Association and Sea Bridge - one of the largest seafood marketing agencies in China.

Jedi Jiang, Vice President of Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association will speak on Market Access and market trend of imported seafood in China and Xubin Fan, CEO of Sea Bridge - one of the largest seafood marketing agencies in China, will talk about the importance of Branding & Marketing of premium Scottish seafood to target China market in post COVID-19 era.

We aim to clarify the most updated market access issues for Scottish seafood exporters who are keen to grow business in China market, including recent case of practice and the different perception of relationship between COVID-19 & Seafood in China & Scotland. Also the webinar is to educate Scottish seafood exporters about the importance of branding and marketing for premium seafood products which would enable Scottish seafood products to better penetrate into China market.