Orkney Islands tech company drives equalisation of job opportunities for people based in remote communities

Kyloe Partners’ recently brought the whole company together for a week-long event (The Gathering), in Orkney

KYLOE PARTNERS have built a team of 70 people and over 950 clients around the globe since 2015, all from their head office in the Orkney Islands. During this time Kyloe has worked closely with HIE for support which has been instrumental to the growth of the business.

Kyloe is now looking to bring the same job opportunities to people in other remote and rural Scottish communities as they’ve been able to do in Orkney. 

It was while watching the weather forecast that the idea came to Director Raymond Pennie, who is originally from Ellon. Raymond said “Remote working has been a part of Kyloe’s makeup since day one, with employees in Orkney, across the UK, the US, and Australia. But it was when looking at the weather map that I started to look at the other communities around Scotland and the word ‘remote’ took on a whole new sense. In the past, it might have conjured up the idea of someone working from home. But we’re now looking at it in terms of people who are actually based in remote communities.”

Kyloe’s business is built around the recruitment industry, working with companies around the world to power their staffing processes. In addition to consulting services, Kyloe, which was established in Kirkwall just seven years ago, also offers their own range of software products with a focus on document management and data quality. 

Simone Pennie, Finance & HR Director (Kyloe) said “When establishing Kyloe we had the opportunity to create sustainable and alternative working opportunities within the island community. At that time there were very few options for people based on the islands who had the technical skills that we look for – for example, software development and quality engineer roles are typically found within larger cities.

We’ve recognised that there will be more people in other remote Scottish communities in a similar situation and are excited to bring job opportunities in the technology sector to these rural areas.”

Ruth Kirkpatrick (Head of Business Growth, Highlands and Islands Enterprise) said “Having Kyloe based in Orkney has been hugely beneficial as the job opportunities provided have allowed many people a chance to move into roles more suited to their skills, whilst living in areas of their choice. Kyloe has always put a lot of store in supporting a team ethos by bringing all staff together in Orkney and it makes sense to grow the business by offering opportunities to people based in neighbouring areas throughout the Highlands and Islands.

Collaboration between employees regardless of location sits at the heart of the ‘One Kyloe’ culture. They recently held their company-wide event, 'The Gathering 2022' in the Orkney Islands. During the week-long event the company's 40 Orkney-based employees were joined by their colleagues from around the world to celebrate achievements and look to the future.

Victoria Murray (People Services Manager, Kyloe Partners) said “Location has never been a barrier for us – we see it as an opportunity to work with talented people no matter where they’re based. During The Gathering it felt so great to see the whole team together and witness the engagement and passion from a fantastic group of employees.”

As Kyloe now look to further develop their own software solutions they are on another recruitment drive, particularly those with technical skills, and they’re keen to hear from anyone out there who thinks they might be a good fit for the business. 

Victoria said “Our vision is about having a sustainable growing business, headquartered in Orkney, that has long-term value for the recruitment industry. We need good people with the right attitude (no matter where they are based) and enthusiasm to work for a forward-thinking technology company, to help with that. If there’s anyone out there who thinks they can contribute to that vision, get in touch.” 

Visit kyloepartners.com/join-us to learn more.

About Kyloe Partners 

Established in 2015 and with 950+ clients around the globe, Kyloe Partners are a global recruitment technology company headquartered in Custom House, Orkney.

As of 10th June 2022, Kyloe employ a total of 70 people (40 people in Orkney and 30 others around the globe). 

At the core of Kyloe’s business is leading recruitment software Bullhorn, used by more than 10,000 recruitment agencies around the globe. As an official Bullhorn marketplace partner, Kyloe supports companies who are adopting the technology, as well as offering their own range of Software as a Service (SaaS) products.


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